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  • Description: This FireKing Meilink GS25 1-Hour Rated Fire Secure is good for your own home office. Four sizes are available relying on your capability requirements. This FireKing Meilink GS25 1-Hour Rated Hearth Secure is ideal for your house office. 4 sizes are available depending on your capacity requirements. These safes have KSG-4500 testing standard for 1-hour fireplace resistance as set by KIS (Korean Industrial Standards) to verify protection of paper records with three particular independent checks. Explosion Test: The safe is heated to 1625°F in 10 minutes, continued at this temperature for half-hour. Affect Check: Subjected to hearth publicity for 30 minutes, dropped thirteen toes, returned to furnace the other way up for and reheated for 1 hour. If you liked this posting and you would like to obtain additional info regarding kindly pay a visit to our own site.
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